Working to elevate the online visual appearance for our client to attract and retain top talent and investors

Crestline Hotels & Resorts

Website Redevelopment


Increase Recruitment
with a Website Makeover

Crestline Hotels and Resorts approached AOR seeking a complete revamp of their website. As they had evolved over the years their online presence became stagnant and was no longer a true representation of the company, its accomplishments, or its culture. The new website was to showcase the company as it exists today to better attract and retain partners, investors, and potential talent.


What to Do When
You Only Have 15 Seconds

After developing a sitemap with unique UI features and an overall strategy to ensure content was displayed in a digestible way, a comprehensive rewrite of the entire site yielded a cohesive story and engaging content. Together, these components told the Crestline story in a quickly digestible, engaging way. A custom interactive map, filterable property list, and custom iconography breathed new life into the finished site.

THE Process

Success! Five Steps
To Get There For Real

  1. Discovery: In-depth, face-to-face session with key stakeholders.
  2. Design: Carrying an existing brand into the digital space.
  3. Development: Bringing it all to life.
  4. Launch: Showing our work to the masses.
  5. Training: Teaching clients the basics of their site structure.


The new website launched to massive success. In addition to the sky-rocketing visits on the career page, the overall site saw a 15.1% increase in visits over the first three months and more importantly, the bounce rate plummeted almost 20%. You can see other website work we’ve done here. And, if you haven’t already, don’t miss our free Placemaking report here.


Overall website visits YOY


Career page views YOY


Organic search visits YOU


Bounce rate YOY