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Cumberland Tap: Social Media Advertising

Cumberland Tap is a brand new waterfront restaurant at the Jamestown Marina on Lake Cumberland in Kentucky. Just two weeks before their grand opening, they came to AOR in a last minute effort to increase awareness of, and attendance at, their grand opening event. With such little time, we decided to aggressively pursue a hyper targeted and multi-faceted social media campaign.

The Challenge

We had several significant obstacles to overcome. First and foremost, we were racing against a ticking clock for the planning, production, and execution of the campaign. Second, as a brand new business operating in a venue that previously housed an outdated restaurant with a low public opinion, we not only had to start from scratch with our social audiences, AOR had to combat the negative legacy perception of the previous restaurant in the space.

The Execution

With no time to test messaging and imagery, it was crucially important to get things right the first time. Over the seven days that we we ran our campaign, actions included:

  • The creation of the Cumberland Tap Facebook page
  • The creation of a Grand Opening Facebook event
  • Daily organic posts
  • A paid campaign to generate likes of their Facebook page
  • A paid campaign to promote attendance at their Facebook event

The Results

Analytical Evidence:

With a total ad spend of only $491.81, our campaigns generated:

ORGANIC (unpaid) content:


Total Impressions


Total Reach

Sponsored (paid) ads:




CPC (Cost Per Click)




CTR (Click Through Rate)

Anecdotal evidence:

The grand opening ended up being a sold out event leading to the floor literally collapsing:

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