Evolving a website to represent the lively bustle of Denver’s historical micro-district in the heart of LoDo.

Dairy Block

Website Design & Development

Award Winner

Milking AOR’s Creativity

Dairy Block is a unique micro-district in the heart of Denver’s historic LoDo neighborhood. The block was once home to Windsor Dairy, a famous dairy manufacturing and distribution facility from the 1920s. The block’s milky past influenced the branding, real estate, and design of the Dairy Block we know today. It’s now home to restaurants, bars, retail, offices, and a boutique hotel — The Maven — the space provides a true Denver experience for residents and visitors alike. We wanted that feeling and experience to be reflected digitally as well.

So, AOR offered Dairy Block’s team various design and homepage update suggestions for their existing website. Taking inspiration from our suggestions, they decided to refresh their entire brand and then use AOR to display those new brand elements throughout their site.


There From The Beginning

We’ve worked with the block since its inception and have expressed its brand both on the web and throughout the block before its opening in 2017. Our understanding of their goals and priorities when it comes to the brand and the block itself is extensive.

A Site ~Not~ for Sore Eyes

For this particular project, our most important instruction from the client was to keep it simple.

It was our job to take their website as it stood and give it a refresh more reflective of the new brand elements and the energy that exudes from the walls and alleyways of the bustling block. It was our goal that residents and visitors see the excitement and celebration of art and the city exuding from Dairy Block, just by visiting the website.

Implementing Our Legen-dairy Process

It was important for us to understand the new brand refresh as we began making major changes to the site. Once we had a good grasp of where the new look and feel was headed, and we received some direction from the client, we dove into the structural and artistic overhaul we needed to make. Our design & development process included updates to:

  • Buttons
  • Fonts
  • Navigational Menus
  • The Mainstage
  • Icons
  • Archives
  • Events Posts
  • Maps
  • Happenings Section
  • The Directory
  • The Instagram Feed
  • And More…

old and new dairy block website

Mostly everything you see on the new site was touched up or refreshed based on simplicity, user experience, and the new brand refresh.

We also spent a considerable amount of time on the back-end, tidying up code and updating some outdated add-ons and tools. Site maintenance is much more user-friendly now and ready for the growth Dairy Block expects to see over the years.

Making a Colorful Mark

The colorful, playful shapes and fonts throughout the site reflect the vibrancy of Dairy Block’s many artists and unexpected experiences. The refreshed site gets visitors excited to see everything the micro-district has to offer.

Our clients at Dairy Block were so excited about the results and expressed to AOR how beautiful it is. The site was launched in the fall of 2023 — we’re so excited to see it out in the world.

photo of guy playing guitar in the street

“We’re thrilled to see the Dairy Block site refresh truly capture the vibrant experience of the block. We believe this dynamic revamp will resonate with visitors, offering a virtual taste of the unique energy and offerings that make every visit to Dairy Block memorable.”


~ Jacey McDaniel, Director of Marketing, Mixed-Use


Take a look at the website and see for yourself how well it reflects the stomping grounds of Denver’s most innovative tastemakers, fun seekers, and creative craftsmen. The site comes to life the more you explore, so keep on scrolling.