Motivating Denverites to vote in three 2020 elections.

The City of Denver

Denver Elections 2020 Campaign


It starts with one

2020 brought with it multiple major elections for our state, including Colorado’s first National Presidential Primary in 20 years, the State Primary, and, of course, the Presidential Election.

To help get the word out, The City of Denver Elections Division came to AOR seeking an uplifting campaign that would deliver education and awareness across all three elections in a way that was relevant, shareable, believable, and most importantly, that would inspire multiple generations of both English and Spanish speakers to vote.


Cutting through the noise
and making people care

To compel people to care enough to act — to vote, vote early, vote with knowledge and by the rules — in an environment that may seem it isn’t worth caring or acting.

Our three main goals were to:

  • Overcome the general public’s lack of awareness of (and interest in) smaller elections.
  • Create a compelling campaign that spoke to issues people cared about, in both English and Spanish.
  • Break through the noise and capture multiple audience’s attention despite competing election messaging within the market.

Make it personal, make it powerful,
and make it matter

AOR partnered with the City of Denver to outline our overarching objectives, researched who our target audiences were, what zip codes they lived in, and what type of messaging caught their attention the most. We then created a campaign based on the insight that people abstain from voting for a variety of reasons but they vote when they care about the issues at hand and have a sense of empowerment and the belief their vote counts.


Record-breaking numbers in the 2020 election.

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