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Denver Film Society: Website Design and Development

AOR has supported the marketing efforts and programs of the Denver Film Society (DFS) for over 10 years. DFS is one of the leaders in Denver’s art scene, producing the Denver Film Festival, mini-fests throughout the year, and operating and programming films at the SIE Film Center. With a multitude of programming, AOR worked to create a clean, user-friendly, and well-designed website.

The Challenge:

DFS approached AOR with the goal of updating their website with a much more user-friendly and intuitive structure and a forward thinking aesthetic. It needed to have a seamless integration with the current ticketing system, the capability to easily make updates in-house, all while reflecting their recent brand update.

The Execution:

AOR worked in tandem with members of the DFS team to create a customer focused website for the numerous programs, mini-fests and film showings the nonprofit operates and supports. The result is a beautiful, clean website showcasing their new brand, a forward thinking aesthetic and engaging film-centric photography.

The Process:

AOR worked with the DFS staff through our tried and true advanced website discovery sessions to understand the goals of the project as well as the the target audiences and their behavior throughout the site.

AOR and DFS simultaneously worked to build a journey map for each of the target audiences to ultimately create an intuitive user-friendly experience. The process of journey mapping informed the sitemap and site hierarchy.

Next, AOR and the DFS team did extensive research with the current site to truly understand analytics and behavioral data to confirm and influence the strategies for designing and developing the website. We were then able to use this combination of analytical and anecdotal information to objectively inform our decisions around both site and page hierarchy and user experience.

AOR then began the process of creating wireframes rooted in data to demonstrate the hierarchy of key pages of the website.

Denver Film Society Sitemap

Once the wireframes were complete, we began the design of the site. We paired DFS’s new brand and a very clean, modern aesthetic with large, bold photography and stills from the films. Using modular page elements, we worked to ensure the site had a consistent look and feel throughout.

Finally, the AOR development team was able to begin building the site. Careful attention was paid to creating a seamless integration with the ticketing software as well as ease of editing in the backend for the DFS team. The site was built on WordPress to make the editing process in the future both quick and simple.

Denver Film Society Wireframe and Design

The Solution

Agency Off Record Web Design and Development


  • Custom site design and development
  • Ticketing integration
  • WordPress development with client friendly admin
  • Clean design and site structure focused on user experience
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