Working with a team to rebrand and redevelop a historical Denver landmark that hadn’t had a true renovation since the 1950s.

Denver Union Station

Brand and Website Development

Union station before photo

The Heart of the City

Not unlike the city it was founded in, Denver Union Station serves as a hub for people passing from one destination to another. At its opening in 1881, the original Denver Union Depot was the largest building in the West, now, surrounded by modern infrastructure, it is regarded fondly as the historical heart of Denver. With an increased need for train travel in the 1900s, the station received an upgrade to accommodate the thousands of passengers arriving daily — however, there has been no real renovation since the 1950s. That’s where we came in.

Operating on a Shared Vision

In 2013, along with three integral partners, Sage Hospitality, McWhinney, and Larimer Associates, AOR worked to craft a shared vision for the redevelopment of Denver’s Union Station. From day one, the words “Denver’s Living Room” were the foundation on which every decision was built.

Our vision for Denver’s Living Room was to infuse comfort and connection into what is traditionally a transient location by its very nature — to create a place for people to go to, not go through. Because this vision was shared by all partners, it allowed us, and each stakeholder, to have an input within our expertise.

Union station render vision

Giving History a Makeover…

We were challenged to work from architectural drawings and our previously defined collective vision to rebrand the historical landmark, assist with various marketing materials, and design and develop a new website.


…Through Branding…

After many conversations and research, we developed a messaging platform and visual identity. The final mark is a fresh, simplified illustration of the iconic building paired with a clean, bold sans-serif font. We complemented the logo with a thoughtful color palette and typography to complete the brand guide.

Union Station Logos

Website Mockup

…And Website Design.

The new website was built with the goal of educating the public on the dramatic renovation, after launch, the website would then serve as an informational source for everything the building has to offer. We struck a balance between big, beautiful photos and a healthy dose of white space to reflect the new brand.


The Grand Opening

To mark the grand opening, a number of collateral pieces were created to announce the date, create excitement, and drive visitors to discover the renovation. The party was wildly successful — attracting some of Denver’s biggest names and raising $1,000,000 for 50 local charities.


Union Station interior photo

Union Station chandeliers


Making Our Mark on Denver

It was our goal to give history a makeover — to pay homage to where Union Station came from, and where it is going. Every detail in the vast Great Hall reflects a part of history and the pioneer spirit that is at the root of what Union Station is.

Since its redevelopment, we’ve watched Union Station flourish and breathe new life into the surrounding neighborhoods — truly living up to its epithet: The Heart of the City.

With the success of the DUS brand rollout, including half a million unique visitors from over 150 countries at the website launch, AOR was asked to assist in several other brands associated with Union Station, including The Crawford Hotel and Wynkoop Plaza, where we took a similar approach to help realize a unique vision for each space.