Creating relevant prospects for a “smarter modern” community

Logan Developers Inc

Brand Identity Creation


As the real estate boom in Denver continues, it’s no surprise that condo buyers in the city’s urban core have plenty of options to choose from. What does this mean for AOR’s clients in the real estate and development space? It poses a challenge to not only produce a special product but create a brand identity that will position them for success, drive prospects, and ultimately lead to sales. That’s where AOR comes in.

THE Approach


Generation Development came to AOR to brand their new condo property, The Victor, which is nestled in the heart of Denver’s City Park neighborhood. But before we could adequately brand this new property, our team needed to learn all that we could about the vision for the project. To do so, AOR partnered with Generation Development to work through our tried and true research process.


The Victor building itself was inspired by Italian architecture and Generation Development had a desire to create an elegant, modern-finished product that embraced technology, design, and the desirable location of the property.


To ensure that The Victor stood out from its competitors, AOR focused our messaging around this property’s unique attributes—technology, design, and location. From that insight of these key differentiators, the tagline Discover a Smarter Modern was born.

Visual Identity

Visually, we wanted the brand to evoke a strong personality that could be easily identified by our audiences. Armed with our strategic insights and new messaging, our team created a logo and visual language that embodied the Victor’s key traits of being approachable, customer-centric, transparent, authentic, smart, and innovative.

Website Development

AOR took the approach of first developing a teaser website first to build interest and awareness for The Victor. The goal of this page was to generate enough curiosity and make people want to provide contact information to stay up to date on the project’s progress.

After the initial awareness-building time of our campaign, AOR went on to build a single-page smooth scrolling website that included detailed information about the building’s design and technology.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing played an important role in our campaign as it was used to drive traffic and leads to the sales team via the following tactics:

  • Search Ads
  • Social Ads
  • Display Ads



Display ad example

Display Ad
The Sales Process

Once the brand and website were created, AOR used digital media to drive traffic and sales prospects. The digital campaign leveraged strong visuals and messaging to stand out in the crowded market.

Leads for the sales team were collected directly through ads and also through the website. The Victor sales team confirmed the success of these tactics as the digital leads generated have been within the target audiences they were trying to reach. We also used custom URLs to track which deliverables performed best so our team was able to optimize creative and targeting based upon results.

The Outcome

After seeing marketing for The Victor in the wild, industry peers praised Generation Development for its marketing efforts. Compliments ranged from the quality look and feel, to the clean and simple advertisements, with one peer asking, “Who is doing your marketing?”

In the first four months, the digital marketing campaign drove impressive traffic —all before a true leasing office was even set up on The Victor construction site.




Phone Calls


Sales leads


Website visits