Creating a stand-out brand identity for a ‘smarter modern’ community in the heart of Denver.

Generation Development

The Victor Brand Identity


A Smarter Modern

To stand out in Denver’s crowded real estate market, Generation Development. needed to get ‘smarter.’ It was our job to create a brand identity that would position their new development for success, drive prospects, and ultimately lead to sales.


The Victor

Their newest condo property, The Victor, is nestled in the heart of Denver’s City Park neighborhood. The building itself was inspired by Italian architecture. Generation Development wanted to pull from the architecture to create an elegant, modern-finished product that embraces technology, design, and the desirable location of the property.



A Foundation of Creativity

From Words…

We knew that in order for The Victor to lease and sell, they needed an edge. Something that says ‘we’re different from everyone else,’ or ‘we have something they can’t give you.’ So what does The Victor have that other properties don’t?

  • Technology
  • Design
  • Location

All our messaging was focused on these unique attributes. And from it the new tagline was born: Discover a Smarter Modern.

…To Imagery

Visually, we wanted the brand to evoke a strong personality that could be easily identified by our audiences. Armed with our strategic insights and new messaging, our team created a logo and visual language that embodied The Victor’s key traits of being approachable, customer-centric, transparent, authentic, smart, and innovative.


Teasing ‘Smarter Modern’

After getting the design and messaging polished, we developed a teaser website to build interest and raise awareness for The Victor in the area. We wanted to generate enough curiosity and make people want to provide contact information to stay up to date on the project’s progress.

While that site was live, we built a single-page smooth scrolling website that included more detailed information about the building’s design and technology.

Leading You ‘Right Where You Want to Be’

Once the brand and website were created, AOR used digital media to drive traffic and sales prospects. The digital campaign leveraged strong visuals and messaging to stand out in the crowded market.

  • Search Ads
  • Social Ads
  • Display Ads

Leads were collected from the ads, but also from interactions or form fills on the website itself. We used custom URLs to track which deliverables performed best so our team was able to optimize creative and targeting based on the results.

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Leads on Leads on Leads In the First Four Months




Phone Calls


Sales leads


Website visits