Creating a comprehensive digital campaign on a short timeline.


IBM Embedded Solutions Campaign


Clarify the Product.
Clear a Close Deadline.

Tech Data came to us looking for help advertising and explaining their IBM Embedded Solutions product. The task was to create a comprehensive digital campaign that culminated in four videos focusing on different aspects of the solutions. With just six weeks to get everything concepted and created, we got to work.


Talk and Chalk

From the outset, AOR worked closely and had continuous talks with our client throughout the development of the campaign and all collateral to ensure all technical information was distilled correctly. Our initial discovery session functioned as an in-depth tutorial for our team, followed by discussion around which specific deliverables were to be created.

AOR then got to work brainstorming and bringing to life concept options. Aiming to avoid the unexpected, we stayed away from the classic tech-explainer style pastel illustrations. Instead, the chosen concept used a blackboard and chalk theme, accentuated by Tech Data’s brand colors, creating unique and attention-grabbing contrasts. To help tie all the executions together, we also created an airplane icon that brought viewers through the videos, highlighting important information and transforming into key objects to illustrate certain concepts.

After the structure and look of the videos was agreed upon, we built out the campaign with emails, a landing page, as well as targeted LinkedIn and search ads.

The Outcome

Wide Reach in a Narrow Timeline

The ambitious project cleared the deadline and went live as intended. The emails were well-received and the vast majority of all search ads were seen by our intended target audiences. The best-performing platform was LinkedIn, producing the most impressions of any of the collateral while the search ads returned an impressive .56% CTR.

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