Product Explainer Video


Since 2004, iovation has been driven by a simple mission: to make the Internet a safer place for people to conduct business. The company’s solutions focus on authentication and fraud prevention. With these solutions, iovation identifies trustworthy customers through an advanced combination of device authentication and real-time risk evaluation. Each day, iovation safeguards tens of millions of transactions against fraudulent activities.


iovation requested a video to be used online and at trade shows—one that complemented their previous video efforts and iovation’s brand. They wanted this piece to explain a complex topic and still be easily digestible.


The graphics and visual cues needed to lead the viewer through the video, giving enough context to understand the solution’s key benefits and differentiators.


We developed a script that explained iovation’s authentication and fraud prevention services at a high level, and narrowed the content to a 3-minute video. Original graphics were developed to stay true to the iovation brand and create an eye-catching but logical storyline.

With the addition of animation, professional voice-over, and sound effects, the tech-focused script visually translated into easily digestible content.


In the end, iovation’s 3-minute video clearly communicated key information regarding their industry-leading device recognition and intelligence technology. From an engagement standpoint, it clearly worked: viewers on average watched 83% of the video, far surpassing industry norms for videos of that length.

As a bonus, many of the graphics created will lend themselves to further use in iovation’s ongoing marketing efforts.