Standing out in real estate through exceptional branding and marketing tactics.

Janet Kritzer

Brand and Marketing Development


As the real estate market in Denver continues to be highly competitive, we are seeing a need for real estate professionals to find new ways to stand out. A solid professional brand can certainly be one of them.

As one of the leading real estate brokers in Denver, Janet Kritzer’s dedication to meeting clients’ needs with the utmost sophistication and professionalism required a brand that matched her level of perfection. Due to her skillful negotiation and refined sales strategies,

she receives countless referrals from her portfolio of satisfied, loyal clients—and even fellow real estate professionals.

AOR had to work hard to develop a sophisticated brand that spoke to her current expertise while opening up the possibility of more intentional marketing efforts to support her strong referral base.

THE Approach

For the rebrand, we started with a sound messaging platform to influence our direction for the logo and subsequent marketing materials. We wanted to ensure that the core of the brand conveyed a sense of relatability to the audience while balancing a no-nonsense, pragmatic approach. Given the brand’s expertise in the space, it was important for the brand to be perceived as trustworthy, confident, and visionary. We boiled this down into high-level, digestible messaging pillars that the rest of the work would stand on:

  • Get an exceptional, curated approach
  • Feel confident in Janet’s unparalleled tenacity
  • Experience a premier level of dedication

We developed a logo system for Janet, providing two logo variations to be used for winter and summer. This allows us to change the look and feel of marketing materials to keep things fresh or “curated” while staying true to the brand.

The final color palette and logos inspired the team to develop innovative creative concepts that pushed the limit on direct mail pieces—a common real estate marketing tactic. We wanted our audience members to feel as though they weren’t receiving just another real estate postcard, but something more elevated and personal: something to hold onto.


The rollout of materials focused on a wide range of avenues. We created numerous direct mail pieces, such as email invites to private showings as well as print ads in Cherry Hills Village and other publications.

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