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KPA: AdWords Maintenance

The Challenge

KPA came to AOR to help restructure and manage an existing Google AdWords account in order to generate more online leads and relevant website traffic.

The Approach:

AOR began this project by doing a deep dive into KPA’s existing Google AdWords account, website traffic, landing pages, and conversion tracking. Through our research, we learned that KPA offered a diverse and complex range of services that would require greater audience segmentation. It was also apparent that their online business had established markets in particular metro areas.

To address these research findings, we recommended restructuring the account by geographic targets and then further breaking down each campaign into product-based ad groups. This gave KPA the ability to adjust terminology and service offerings per audience rather than targeting the U.S. as a whole.

Over several months, campaigns, keywords, and ads have been added and subtracted to keep up with KPA’s growing company and client needs. Remarketing audiences have also been utilized to increase brand awareness and ultimately conversion rates.

Successful client conversation has been key to updating the Google AdWords account. These continual changes are communicated with KPA through regular phone calls, emails, and monthly reports.

The Outcome:

Since optimizations began in April 2017, ad clicks increased 178% and ad generated website sessions increased 287%. The ad account is continually updated and optimized to make the most out of KPA’s budget and online resources.

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