Creating a company hierarchy and brand identity system for a coastal client.

Logan Developers Inc

Brand, Website Design & Development

“Always [Designing] Something More.”

Logan Developers Inc. is a trusted and established developer located in North Carolina. Since 1986, their team of dedicated professionals has worked toward always building something more for their clients. They are the perfect marriage of Southern hospitality and detailed execution, whether it’s a residential, commercial, or retail project.

It was our job to aid them in developing a brand where excellence was present in all the details — that meant new colors, a new logo, a new website, and most importantly, a new organizational hierarchy and structure. And we needed to do all of that without losing what made Logan Homes successful in the first place.


Laying the Foundation

AOR’s main goal when developing the new brand was to reimagine the company’s visual identity to mirror its ambitions. LDI wants to build a better future, for themselves, for their residential clients, for their commercial clients, for everyone. They look to the plans and focus on next steps as they dive into projects and build legacies that endure. It’s this kind of future focus that informed the new mark. With the highlighted arrow pointing onward and upward, we’re further establishing LDI as a successful business, building success.

Establishing a Framework

Even as the branding came together and everything was looking professional and more in line with LDI’s goals, the company itself needed to reexamine their hierarchy. We helped them develop a set of acronyms and naming structures for the various branches of their business.

  • Logan Homes
  • LDI Commercial
  • LDI Utilities
  • LDI A&D
  • LDI Realty

Welcoming Clients in the Front Door

Now, Logan Developers Inc. looks and feels like the established, trusted, and devoted partner they are. As the last phase of this project, we focused on the most public-facing aspect of their brand — the front door, a.k.a their website. Clients look to their website for information about their company, what they do, and the communities and neighborhoods they are building in — it’s the first impression to draw people in. We focused on ensuring the website was easy to navigate, clearly identified their company structure, and that brand elements were present throughout. The result was a fully functional website to house their most important information and an additional website dedicated to their largest branch, Logan Homes.


Excellence Was All Part of the Plan

AOR developed a multi-dimensional brand identity system for Logan Developers Inc. that didn’t sacrifice the established equity of Logan Homes. The new system is fully adaptable to LDI’s future growth and reflects the work they’ve done for their community over the last 30+ years.

The new brand and new website made them more recognizable, more reliable, and brought in more traffic for their growing business.