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Mark VII

Mark VII: Tradeshow Booth Design


Mark VII came to AOR to help design booth graphics for the International Carwash Association (ICA) Trade Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

The ICA show boasts the largest gathering of car wash suppliers in the world with over 130,000 square feet of products and service displays on the floor. For Mark VII, the sheer size of the event presented an obstacle for them to stand out amongst their competitors.


Mark VII was given a 50’ x 50’ booth space with only one unique vantage point towards attendee traffic. We needed a creative way to draw attention to the booth from a specific line of sight.

We worked with the Mark VII team to showcase their products with the right mix of equipment and signage. These assets clearly identified their value proposition and drove home the benefits for the target audience.


AOR used Mark VII’s existing trade show structures as the base of the booth, but we were able to redesign elements to call even more attention to the space, including:

  • Signage to create visibility for the booth from across the trade show floor
  • Strategic installations, signage, collateral, and videos to keep visitors engaged

Considered the most successful show to date by Mark VII staff (based on lead numbers)


Leads Generated


Visitors to Booth

With the AOR team's assistance, our trade show booth had the flash, visual substance, and content to draw in potential clients and make the 2017 ICA Show our best turnout to date.
Luke Schoenbeck
Marketing Communications Specialist at Mark VII