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Agency Off Record

Mile High Flood District

The Challenge

Draining a Vital Organization of its Complexity.

The Urban Drainage and Flood Control District works to support communities with flood monitoring and protection measures. While the work they do is vital, it’s also technically complex and difficult to understand. The current name and logo were not helping communicate their purpose, nor was the website, which contained a plethora of information but was challenging to navigate. After 50 years of very little change, there was no denying that the organization would need not just a new name, but a completely new look and site to better communicate the important role they serve.

The Approach

Giving a Storied Organization a Much-Needed Facelift.

We spent two days with their team immersing ourselves in the organization. Together, we created a roadmap and requirements for a new name, logo and website. We knew we had to find a name that could communicate what it stood for without being impossible to remember and wanted the new logo to be able to do the same, without the use of cliché elements like mountains or streams. While the website needed to be updated to match the new name and look, we didn’t want the existing users to have to re-learn the entire site after it launched, which placed UX at the forefront of our development strategy.

The Outcome

Mile High Flood District’s important work is now more accessible than ever and we invite everyone to take a moment to learn about the good they do for the communities they serve.

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