Telling the story of a historic hotel through a print marketing piece inspired by leather-bound guides to the property from the past.

Sage Hospitality

Oxford Hotel: In-Room Compendium


The Oxford Hotel is the most historic hotel in Denver, and it has seen Denver grow and evolve immensely over time. The hotel first opened in 1891 as a destination for luxury seekers, boasting gilded opulence and all of the most modern amenities. Today, visitors will find that the hotel has endured throughout the decades, maintaining a commitment to excellence while providing guests with a treasured Mile High experience.


The staff at The Oxford Hotel received a package from a descendant of a past guest that included exquisite leather-bound guides to both the property and Denver. AOR partnered with the hotel to create a modern version of the keepsakes while also maintaining a bit of the classic historic feel.


The AOR team has worked with The Oxford Hotel’s parent company, Sage Hospitality, in many capacities, including a rebrand of the hotel prior to this project. Because we understood what distinguished the hotel from others in the market, we were able to create a plan and execution for this unique and original piece.

leather bound oxford book from 1915- closed and open



AOR worked closely with the team at The Oxford Hotel to develop an outline and brainstormed ideas for general design details to be included with the compendium. The AOR creative team also brainstormed to develop a cohesive vision for the piece, including content, design, and paper options.

The client was very interested in original designs, so our talented team created hand-illustrated pieces throughout the book. We were also inspired by a map the staff at The Oxford gave visitors in the early 1900s, and we created a similar map for The Oxford’s current guests to use.

illustrated map of downtown denver showing hotel locations

THE Execution

The content was designed to tell the story of The Oxford Hotel, guide guests throughout the neighborhood, and ultimately make each visitor feel at home during their stay.

The compendiums also contained a pocket that held a few other pieces about the property, including:

  • In-room dining menu
  • In-room channel guide
  • A.D. Laws Whiskey Card
  • Amenity/check-in cards

In-Room Menu

in room menu


Check-In Handout

check in handout


Channel Guide

channel guide


Mini Bar Menu

mini bar menu


A.D. Laws Whiskey Card

AD laws whiskey card



The Oxford Hotel was delighted by the final product. We were able to concisely guide guests through The Oxford, the LoDo neighborhood, and Denver while remaining true to our inspiration from the original guest books.