Increasing brand awareness for a mixed-use apartment building.

Pop Denver

Digital Marketing Campaign

The Challenge

Increasing traffic (the good kind).


It can be hard to stand out amongst the crowd in such a desirable city as Denver. And as a brand new for-rent apartment building in the heart of the Art District on Santa Fe, POP Denver had their work cut out for them. Both buyers and renters are inundated with marketing from new complexes and developments daily. To bring POP Denver to the forefront of their minds? That’s where we came in.

We focused on leveraging their existing brand to accomplish four main objectives:

1. Increased user traffic and engagement.
2. Increased clicks to the website.
3. Make POP Denver stand out in a very competitive market.
4. Reach the right audience.


To be successful, we needed to bring awareness to the brand and let the public in on what POP Denver has to offer. In a bustling area like the Art District on Santa Fe, it was our job to make POP Denver… well… POP!

The Approach

Making the Brand POP!

But first, we had to think strategically about how to spread brand awareness — for POP Denver, the key was a solid digital marketing campaign. We worked closely with the POP Denver team to first nail down our target audience. When we first started this project, POP Denver was marketing as a for-sale Condo Development, so the messaging was geared toward young professionals/first-time buyers, those with a high-end lifestyle but no children, investors, and empty nesters looking to downsize. We strategically selected paid Facebook and Instagram ads, as well as boosted organic social posts and Google SEM, as our main campaign tactics. These ads ran for four months, from January to April 2022.

Our team leveraged the existing logo to develop and expand the color palette and create patterns, clearly defining the brand’s visual style. This led to the development of posts for the digital campaign and the rest of the marketing materials. The original brand influence of pop art style was amplified throughout the brand materials which, together with a consistent messaging platform and cohesive voice, focused on amenities and features, location, and down payment options.

POP-DigitalAds (1)
The Outcome

Leads on Leads on Leads

To say this campaign went above and beyond, is an understatement. The campaign led to so many lead generations that POP Denver no longer needed to utilize marketing efforts. So those four objectives we needed to accomplish? Done, done, done, and done. We saw the most engagement through our digital marketing campaign, specifically within social media ads — producing over 1.5 million impressions throughout the campaign. We were able to reach the POP Denver audience market, and get them to visit the site (over 50,000 times!), and we amplified POP Denver’s brand enough that they could stand out amongst the crowd.


Website Visits

1.5 MIL

Social media impressions


Google SEM CTR


Total CPC (40% lower than the real estate industry average of $1.40)