Bringing to life a campaign reflective of a company that is emotionally invested in its customers, one where the goal is for everyone to be on a first-name basis.


First-Name Basis Campaign 2023


For Them, and Us, It Isn’t ‘Just Business.’

In 2016 AOR redesigned and developed PostNet’s website. Since then, we’ve worked with them to develop campaigns, emails, and other marketing collateral. But more than that, we’ve developed deep partnerships and personal relationships with the people at PostNet. PostNet may be an international franchise corporation specializing in shipping, printing, design, and more, but they are also our friends.

And it’s the same way PostNet owners operate with their customers. We took that relationship-first mentality they have and leveraged it for an immense brand campaign in 2023.

PostNet boxes stacked on a shelf

Connecting With All Their Neighbors

PostNet needed to expand its marketing nationally and make its brand more recognizable.

Who is PostNet? What do they do, but also, what do they stand for? How are they making an impact on their customers and the community?

We needed to answer those questions and do it in a way consistent with the brand PostNet had already spent years perfecting.


Digging Deep for Inspiration

As always, the first step in our approach is a Discovery session, where we ask all the questions we need to ask and gather all the information that we need to do a great job.

This particular Discovery session directly inspired the campaign creative. It was a sentence said at the back end of a conversation that got our attention — “Many of our owners are on a first-name basis with their customers.”

So, we got to work. We developed a campaign concept around the line, “At PostNet, we’re on a first-name basis.” We needed to tell deeply specific and personal customer and owner stories in order to prove to the audience that PostNet truly does get to know their community beyond business.


Operating on a First-Name Basis

After gathering our finalists through an internal nomination process, we set out to interview owners and customers, went to their businesses, and captured their stories.

Our process involved: copywriting, design, digital ad execution, monitoring/management, reporting, and video/photo production/editing.

a phone mock-up with koda crossfit postnet collateral pictured

Koda Lifted Our Spirits

This is Kevin

Owner of Koda Crossfit, PostNet Customer Since 2017

Darden’s Delights Filled Our Passion

This is Betsy and David

Owners of Darden’s Delights, PostNet Customer Since 2016

Shawna Inspired Us

This is Shawna

Owner of PostNet Lakewood Ranch Since 2010

Shelly Reminded Us That Kindness Matters

This is Shelly

Owner of PostNet Syracuse Since 2018


PostNet sticker on the outisde of the storefront that says 'proud supporter of small business'

At PostNet, We’re On A First-Name Basis

The best part of this project was getting to know our two selected owners and two selected customers. They embodied the values of PostNet to their core. It was an honor to witness their passion and perseverance, even if it was from behind the camera.

We took their stories, captured them on film, with the help of our video production partner, Flying Giant Productions, and brought them to life through digital marketing platforms. We needed the world to see what they had to say, and by the end, they did.


Looking At Things on a Best-Number Basis




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