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Rascals Tavern: Brand Development

Each summer, AOR works with a client to identify a project that our interns can run from start to finish on their own with the guidance and mentorship from members of the AOR staff. The project allows our interns to become immersed in a real-life, client-facing branding project that follows the AOR process. The project provides a great value to our clients and also gives our interns incredibly beneficial real-world agency experience that helps prepare them for an eventual career in the advertising & marketing industry.

This branding project was completed pro bono as part of the 2018 AOR Summer Internship Program. Rascals Tavern is a bar and restaurant in Greensboro, NC, that operates on three core pillars: High-Quality Food. Top-Shelf Booze. Five-Star Service. Built from the ground up by chef and owner Jessica Borgione, this brand came to life by reflecting the journeys of Jessica herself and the city where it all started.

The Challenge

This brand was developed 100% remotely. Through the use of video chat and email communication, this project put our branding process to the test. Before AOR, Rascals Tavern was simply a name and a menu. By collaborating long-distance, we were able to make the brand a reality.

The Approach

Since all meetings were conducted via video chat, we decided to get a little creative with our discovery process.

By building out extensive visual supplements such as mood boards, personalized mock-ups, and design examples, we were able to get a solid grasp on the brand identity. This set up a great foundation moving forward, and we were able to complete the rest of the process with a highly accelerated timeline.

The Process

From the discovery process, we solidified the Rascals Tavern brand personality and core pillars. These enabled us to build a strong brand guide consisting of a logo, design elements, color palette, and messaging platform.

Core pillars: High-quality food. Top-shelf booze. Five-star service.

The messaging platform outlines the way that Rascals Tavern will present itself and communicate with its audiences. This sets the tone for the style and visual representations of the rest of the brand.

The Rascals Tavern color palette is warm and neutral, with tertiary pops of bright colors to bring some personality to the brand.

Color Palette

The Outcome

Rascals Tavern is extremely satisfied with the brand that we created. After the foundational discovery session, we were able to complete the brand and its assets over the course of just a few weeks.

Rascals Menu Rascals Menu

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