Helping adults with autism live life without limits


Brand Refresh & Campaign Development


A Good Client for GoodWürk

At the end of 2022, AOR launched our pro bono program, GoodWürk. After branding and creating a mission for GoodWürk, our team created a campaign for the sponsorship effort — aimed at identifying businesses in Denver that did ‘good’ for our community in some way. We received many, many submissions in the following months but after a thorough vetting process, REVEL was chosen as the winner of a year’s worth of our services.


REVEL is a non-profit with the mission to help adults with Autism live life without limits. Based in Denver’s RiNo district, the organization has a center where Revelers (adults with autism participating in REVEL’s activities and curriculum) come to learn new skills, practice them in a safe space, and build community. As is the case for many non-profits, REVEL has limited resources, making it hard for them to get the word out about the important work they’re doing. In turn, that meant that reaching new potential donors and sponsors was a large obstacle for the non-profit, one we knew we could help them overcome.

Photo of a young adult male in a black hoodie looking directly into the camera. An orange box with the text "creating a community for teens and adults with all abilities" is overlaid to the left of the photo.

Stacked Revel Logo

Putting the Gear in Motion

After an in-depth and emotional Discovery Workshop, we had a deep understanding of how best to use the coming months to help REVEL reach its goals. The first step was to refresh the overall brand, including reworking the logo and ensuring the brand’s existing ‘gear’ mark not just fit with the rest of the branding but had an authentic story and reason to be there too.

After the logo was refreshed, the brand colors, textures, type, and other assets were all formalized and put into a brief style sheet — a document meant to guide our creation of brand assets but also to function as instructions for REVEL to be able to use the refreshed brand themselves.


Crafting a Campaign

The next step was to tackle awareness and donors by developing a creative campaign concept that REVEL could use for years to come and multiple expressions of the campaign to show exactly how it could come to life. Our number one guideline throughout the campaign creation process was to ensure that we did not advertise ‘autism’ itself, but instead made sure that it was always about REVEL first and foremost.

Campaign poster animation that shows bubbles around illustrated characters fading away

The Right Idea Bubbles to The Top

The final chosen campaign direction was named ‘Bubbles’. The core idea behind the concept is a way to show how REVEL expands opportunities and possibilities for Revelers. Based in motion and animation, the concept illustrates how constraints disappear as Revelers learn new skills and move towards gainful employment. The campaign also helps show how autism and IDD don’t look the same for everyone, helping spotlight REVEL’s flexibility and the breadth of the support they offer.


Stylized Illustration of a man holding a giant pencil.

REVELing in Success

To ensure that REVEL had everything it needed to continue to create strong, persuasive, messaging with authentic branding, we took all the work we had created and developed an in-depth campaign guide and asset package to hand over. Complete with examples, detailed instructions, and all the necessary parameters, the brand and campaign guides are sure to set REVEL up for a successful future of continuing to raise awareness and gain new donors.