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RevGen Partners: Content Marketing Campaign

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The Challenge

Virtually No One to Talk To

While the global pandemic created unforeseen obstacles for everyone, RevGen Partners faced a particularly difficult problem: when your business model is built on relationships and word-of-mouth, what do you do when the world goes virtual overnight?

An array of digital banner ads in different sizes designed for the RevGen campaign.

The Approach

Content Creates Connection

One of RevGen’s strengths is their constant thought leadership and continuous output of industry insights. AOR worked with RevGen to create a content marketing plan that would highlight and promote these articles to current and potential audiences. The plan aimed to continually push out content through a variety of channels to keep RevGen top of mind and at the forefront of data and analytics conversations.

We created:

  • Quarterly newsletters (later evolving into a monthly newsletter)
  • LinkedIn organic boosted posts
  • Display ads
  • Google Search ads
  • LinkedIn campaigns aimed at gaining followers and newsletter subscribers
Array of LinkedIn ads and Two different campaign emails shown for display o both desktop and mobile.

The Outcome

Thought Leadership Equals Big Readership

Thanks to RevGen’s ability to distill trends and insights into unique and digestible content, results were almost immediate. Old relationships were reinvigorated while new leads were generated by the website — something RevGen had never previously experienced. Even as the pandemic begins to pass, the incredible results mean content marketing will remain a cornerstone going forward.

23% increase in LinkedIn followers; Millions of impressions since May 2020; Average website duration up 30.7%; Pages per session up 12.8%; 18.4% increase in page views; website users up by 44.5%
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