Elevating the online presence of an artful hospitality brand.

Sage Hospitality

Website Design & Development


Creating a Five-Star
Online Experience

Following a brand refresh, Sage Hospitality Group came to AOR to create a website that reflected the new brand as well the distinct companies that encompass Sage. But with the refresh hitting the public prior to the new site’s completion, AOR was also asked to design and develop a homepage takeover for their current site to announce the big change.


When Presentation
is Everything

In order to succeed at a two-part project such as this, we decided to include the homepage takeover in our discovery process. Our goals were to create design elements for the site as a whole and make sure the takeover was essentially a sneak peek of what was to come on the new site.

Prior to designing and developing both the takeover and new site, we held two discovery sessions with key stakeholders. During these sessions we lead the Sage team through a variety of exercises geared towards site structure, content, case study design, and look and feel of the site. These exercises inspired our team in regards to the overall design, how best to establish each of the companies and how they work together, and to gain a better understanding of the design preferences.


Delivering Success Down to
Every Last Detail

Taking on the challenge of translating the new Sage brand into both a teaser and website was exciting for our Web Design and Development teams. By creating nuances across the new Sage site that spoke to the true heart of the brand—including artful details that showcased the company’s personality to the public through case studies, modules, and color execution—our designers were able to create a site that truly exhibited

Sage’s passion for artful hospitality.

And to add an extra element of interest, our development team worked closely with our design team to create seamless animation that draws the user throughout the site.

Sage was very excited for the new site to launch and to complete the debut of the new brand. Their team was eager to add new content to the site to further establish how Sage creates places people go to—not through.