The energy and spirit that draws people to the Mile High City begins with the City and County of Denver. With more than 11,000 employees, the City and County of Denver team members are the heart of Denver.

City and County of Denver

Talent Acquisition Campaign


We quickly discovered that government applicants needed a battle cry. A message that could show them that they were already living in the best place to work.

We developed the primary message, “Be a Part of the City that You Love,” to give prospective employees an ownership stake in the evolution of Denver. This message took many forms, depending on the placement and audience, yet always revolved around the same central theme.

The campaign collateral leveraged colorful graphics and condensed content to appeal to multiple audiences across a wide spectrum of job roles.

With the content in place, we deployed a mixed media strategy over a 40-day period. This strategy was based on individual media reach and the influence on our target audiences.


After establishing the campaign position and messaging, we worked with the City and County of Denver to identify the highest priority audiences: New to Workforce, Young Professionals, and Established in Career.

To reach the identified audiences, we chose the following media placements in the Denver metro area:

Transit Ads
  • Billboards
  • Bus wraps
  • Bus tails
  • Light rail kongs
  • Light rail interiors
Traditional Ads
  • Movie theater 15 sec commercial
  • Movie theatre display ads
  • Airport diorama
  • Denver Business Journal email ad
  • Denver Business Journal run of site ads
Digital Ads
  • Google AdWords search ads, display ads, and video ads
  • Facebook link ads and video ads
  • LinkedIn sponsored ads and text ads

In conjunction with strategic media placements, the campaign resulted in significant increases in website traffic, video views, and the ultimate goal of increased unique job applications.

Website Traffic

Over the 40-day campaign period, there was a 7% increase in views on the human resources web page. Traffic quality was also positively affected with a 62% increase in average time on page and a 68% decrease in bounce rate. Of those total pageviews, 71% resulted in a button click to view current job openings.


Promotional Video

The campaign promo video was placed within the human resources page, Facebook ads, YouTube ads, and movie theater commercials to drive interest for the campaign.



Views through in-stream YouTube ads with 25% viewing entire video


Views through Facebook Ads with 14% viewing entire video


Views on the landing page with 9% viewing entire video


The campaign exceeded client expectations with an increase in the quantity and quality of job applicants. In March 2017, the City and County of Denver received 13,000 applicants, a 30% increase compared to March 2016. In April 2017, they received 9,000 applicants, a 19% increase compared to April 2016.

In Fall 2017, the City and County of Denver plans to revive the campaign, using data from the Spring campaign and leveraging the highest converting sources.