Creating a portfolio for senior-living properties.

Solera Senior Living

Landing Page Development


Solera Senior Living was created by Adam Kaplan, who has more than 15 years of experience in the luxury senior-living segment. His challenge was that he was bringing a unique product to the marketplace, and he needed an overarching website to showcase these future communities. The website’s intended use is to showcase his experience and validate the company as a real player in the industry for the B2B investor audience.

THE Approach

Because the website is mostly used as a validation tool for the corporate company, AOR determined the best approach to showcase the information was on a single-page, smooth-scrolling website. This allowed us to get all of the information across quickly without requiring in-depth functionality for a B2B audience looking to understand his experience and partnerships in a short amount of time. The website’s intended use was less for the senior demographic looking for an apartment, and more for the investor audience.

  • Discovery: We began with an in-depth discovery meeting to understand all the ins and outs of the target audience, functionality requirements, etc.
  • Sitemap and Wireframes: We then delivered a landing-page map and wireframe for the sections and content we’d be bringing to life.
  • Design: We leveraged the client’s existing corporate brand, but we were given the freedom and flexibility to continue to push the brand to ensure it was as modern and engaging as possible. We evolved the brand by bringing in additional graphic elements inspired by the logo.
  • Development: We programmed the site to adhere to website best practices, ensuring it was extremely user-friendly from a front- and back-end perspective.
  • Testing and Launch: We always ensure mobile and browser testing before launch.


The Outcome

The client was extremely happy with the single-page site. AOR has since been hired to build out a full website for his Cherry Creek property and maintains a strong partnership for future endeavors.