Elevating the brand of a life-saving organization

Step Denver

Brand Identity


Giving New Life to an
Organization that Saves Them

For nearly 40 years, the Step Denver residential recovery program has helped countless men start their journey out of addiction and towards a new life. Armed with the desire to help their brand stand out (and thus help more men in the process) Step came to AOR for help creating an updated, modern brand identity that better matched the strong, long-standing foundation they’re built on.

This new identity not only needed to help their many unique audiences quickly understand who they are and what they do, but also scale to accommodate the addition of future locations—all while working with many different board members and employees with a fierce loyalty to the current brand, as this program helped save their own lives.


Turning Inspiring Stories into
a Successful Brand Identity

To make sure all voices were heard and ensure the AOR team was fully versed on the history, process, and program, we decided to hold not just one, but five Discovery sessions. During this time, our team was able to uncover the essential elements of Step Denver and how they envisioned positioning themselves through their brand identity including messaging, visuals, and a new website.

Due to the life-changing importance of this program, AOR immediately recognized the added need to correctly capture and elevate the Step brand identity. So when our friends at Step invited the AOR team to attend a Saturday morning AA Meeting at their facility, we went—and were presented with an invaluable opportunity to see and hear first hand how Step is changing lives every day.


Helping Step Help More Men
Find Freedom from Addiction

Following the approval of the brand identity, our team was able to fully design and develop the new Step website. The site coincidentally launched on the same day of the organization’s Spring newsletter—which is the first of three large mailings Step completes throughout the year. The client was so excited about their future with the new brand, they immediately began using the new visual identity to create collateral for the newsletter and social media content.