Helping a B2B tech company unlock the power behind their services and show off the breadth of their expertise within the industry.

TD SYNNEX + Microsoft

Power Your Potential Campaign Development

Website Design

Unlocking Their Potential

TD SYNNEX is a B2B technology company that empowers IT innovators, ecosystem partners, and technology talent by connecting well-known names in IT and emerging tech. Their wide breadth of services positions them as a leader in the industry. AOR knew going into this that TD SYNNEX is one of Microsoft’s #1 distributors and holds a unique position in the industry, but it was up to us to bring the power of TD SYNNEX to potential partners. We needed to unlock the potential of this campaign and be as forward-thinking as TD SYNNEX is in their field.

But first, is it a key or power?

TD SYNNEX came to us with the line ‘Unlock Your Potential,’ and didn’t want to stray too far from the thought. We decided to take it one step further and tweak the line to say ‘Power Your Potential.’ We saw the power behind TD SYNNEX’s services and brand and their ability to connect the global IT ecosystem for its customers, and we wanted to make sure that was clear from the first word.


The Potential Became Limitless

What do you get when you combine the tech atmosphere with the energy of sports?


The visuals were inspired by the kinetic energy in sports — the moment you launch from the starting line in a race, the impact of a foot as it hits the soccer ball on its way to the goal, the toughest grab on the tallest rock on a climb. We wanted to bring that kind of energy, power, and determination into the campaign to fully embrace the impact TD SYNNEX has on its partners and vendors.



Pushing Further

TD SYNNEX offers several simple and ready-made solutions for businesses in the tech community, through this campaign they wanted to highlight these offerings. We worked in waves, each month coming up with a new concept that fit within our ‘Power Your Potential’ campaign but was customized to the specific offering.


We designed a landing page to direct audiences to when they came across the ads. The landing page was adjusted as each wave was released, focusing on the service offering relevant to the ad campaign at the time.



By more purposefully highlighting its service offerings, TD SYNNEX can better help companies stay innovative, competitive, and nimble within their tech space. This campaign was not only able to power the potential of TD SYNNEX’s customers but their own potential as well.

We created a lasting impact on the future of TD SYNNEX, which saw a significant increase in landing page interaction, click-through rate, and impressions.