Developing a talent acquisition campaign for the City and County of Denver.

The City & County of Denver

'See Yourself Here' Hiring Campaign

Video/Photo Production

Wanted: The Best Talent for Our City

Our longtime partners at the Human Resources Department of the City and County of Denver came to us for help to create a talent acquisition campaign. COVID changed the way we prioritize the time in our day and the continued offer of flexible and work-from-home options has given the private sector a leg up on public work. We used our many years of experience working with this client to identify unique truths that could set this campaign apart from both other public sector jobs as well as the private sector.


Finding Our Edge

Our research, discussions, and Discovery session led us to understand that, despite popular belief, the benefits offered by public sector work are quite competitive when set against private sector jobs.

Photo of a person standing in front of the Denver art museum


Setting Ourselves Apart

The first thing we wanted to do was make people aware of the incredible range of positions and jobs within the city. More than just social workers and accountants, we made sure to feature engineers, lawyers, lifeguards, electricians, accountants, pathologists, and other jobs people wouldn’t necessarily think of as government work. We decided to highlight the pay, job security, and promise of continued growth as supporting benefits.

The Concept Materializes

Once we realized the main differentiators we wanted to highlight, we landed on the concept ‘See Yourself Here’. The concept was developed to make it as easy for people to imagine themselves in these new jobs as possible by showing them people like them working for the government in locations all across the city while letting copy highlight job benefits and perks. These ‘brand champions’ became the face of our campaign and added a level of authenticity and approachability to every expression.

The City and County of Denver prides itself on the accepting and diverse environment it has fostered. We made sure to also highlight this as much as we could while also making sure to overtly speak to the career advancement opportunities that would present themselves to employees as the city continued to invest in them after hiring.

Capturing The Magic

After finalizing our concept, we set out to bring it all to life. From the very beginning, we wanted this campaign to feel as real, honest, and authentic as possible, which is why we decided to shoot real city employees in iconic Denver hotspots, with the help of our production partners, Flying Giant Productions. In selecting our ‘brand champions’ we made sure to represent a diverse cast of people, roles, and departments. After the shoot, we built out social and digital ads as well as OOH, which had the added benefit of letting our 15 individual brand champions see themselves across the city.


Seeing Success

A fantastic project from beginning to end, the campaign quickly started delivering results. Our clients saw a large growth in awareness tied to our digital impressions but even more importantly, they experienced a high rate of job applications.


Impressions from the Facebook Awareness Campaign


Clicks to the Jobs Page from the Facebook Campaign


CTR from the Google Search Campaign


CTR from the LinkedIn Campaign