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Douglaston DevelopmentLevine Builders, and Clinton Management are collectively known as The Douglaston Companies. Douglaston Development (DDNY) combined with the expertise from Levine Builders and Clinton Management has developed a reputation as a real estate development company that delivers projects on time, within budget, and excels at maximizing the value of development assets. Based in the New York City area, The Douglaston Companies has worked on projects throughout the U.S. and London.

After experiencing recent growth and expansion, The Douglaston Companies felt their brand identity needed an overhaul on both the traditional and digital fronts. The new brand also needed to be reflective of their quality of work, professionalism, and industry leadership. The three companies had unique identities that did not act as a cohesive system and began to feel outdated compared to competitors. With a long history between the companies, Douglaston did not want to lose sight of where they came from but also wanted to embrace their future.


First and foremost, AOR was asked to deliver a complete brand identity overhaul from logo development and color palette to creating a full brand style that embraced the company’s present state and future.

We started with a brand audit to evaluate existing logos and color palette and determined what needed to stay intact due to company history. After evaluation, AOR’s creative team developed an engaging family of logos and color palettes, resulting in a complete brand guide.

Simultaneously, we began planning for how this brand would come to life online. Our web team leveraged the discovery period and established a web design and development process for the three new sites.


The entire project began with a discovery session between key stakeholders from Douglaston Companies and AOR. During discovery, we discussed both the brand identity elements and website goals for all three companies.

From that session, AOR was able to begin the new brand identity development process and create an in-depth website strategy.

logo audit results

logos before and after

website UI elements

desktop website mockups before and after


AOR successfully executed the new brand identity for Douglaston Companies by providing a system of logos and accompanying brand identity that strongly works for the company and positions them as a leader in the industry.

We launched the new brand with the three new websites. Each website was designed with consistency and functionality in mind, showcasing Douglaston Companies as a true force in the industry.

The launch of the new brand included:

  • Logos
  • Identity package
  • Letterset design & production
  • Website development
  • Email campaign