When times felt dark at the peak of Covid-driven self-isolation, we helped remind Waypoint customers that there’s always a bright side with stay-at-home themed care packages.

Waypoint Solutions

Client Care Package


Deliver Smiles When
People Need Them Most

Waypoint Solutions wanted to stay top-of-mind while everyone worked from home due to Coronavirus, but felt it was a delicate time to sell their products or services. As a team, AOR and Waypoint created a campaign to send care packages to interested clients.

We were challenged to create a campaign that was both engaging and consumer-focused while being encouraged to infuse every piece of communication with personality and sass. Most of all, we stayed away from the corporate lingo, diffuse language and trite word-choice everyone was becoming all too familiar with after a few months of sheltering in place.


There’s Always
a Bright Side

After months of nothing but bad news, dire headlines, and a non-stop barrage of new challenges, we wanted to create a bit of brightness in what felt like such dark times. Our campaign concept, “The Bright Side”, focused on highlighting the (relative) positives of everyone’s new situation with a generous dose of humor. We got right to work creating a care package that any of Waypoint’s customers could appreciate.

After deciding on the package contents and designing colorful inserts and art for the packages themselves, we created two emails to be sent to Waypoint’s client list, informing them of the care package. The emails led clients to a landing page where they could sign up for the care package goodies. After that, all they had to do was wait.


Waypoint Points the Way
to the Bright Side

Contacted customers had nothing but good things to say about the campaign. The overwhelmingly positive feedback also brought with it a 50% higher response rate than expected and kept us busy sending out packages all across the region. As the campaign wrapped up, AOR and Waypoint began working on tactics to extend the campaign and create new ways to continue to point the way to the bright side.