Meet Ainsley

Ainsley Weliver

Digital Marketing Specialist

Ainsley traded the beach for the mountains when she made the move to Colorado from her home state of North Carolina. As AOR’s newest Digital Marketing Specialist, Ainsley throws herself into her work connecting brands with consumers online. She’s thrilled to be taking her SEO & PPC knowledge from the commercial & residential lighting industry to agency life at AOR. To her, digital marketing is the perfect blend of analytics, deep thinking, and her truest passion, creativity. In fact, if she wasn’t working diligently behind the screen, she might have found herself working as an interior designer — her knack for finding great deals on FB marketplace is proof.

You’ll most likely find Ainsley trying a new restaurant or cocktail bar on the weekends, maybe even accompanied by her doggo. And if she isn’t visiting her brother and brand new niece (congrats!), she’s snowboarding, reading, watching sports, traveling, or attending farmers markets.

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Special skill Finding deals on Facebook Marketplace
Words of wisdom Listen more than you speak
First concert Hilary Duff