Meet Chelsea

Chelsea Spain

Head of People

Hailing from the nonprofit world, Chelsea lived and worked abroad and in a variety of different fields before finding her love for HR and people operations at AOR. Her array of experiences, deep love of people, knack for logistics, and love of juggling make her great at what she does. She works to keep the agency and its most valuable asset — its employees — healthy, safe, inclusive, and equitable; ultimately working to weave AOR’s core values into every aspect of agency life and create a thriving culture.

When not at work you can find Chelsea momming, attempting to organize everything (though rarely succeeding), boogieing to some live music, soaking up the mountain air, or exploring Denver on bike or foot. She is always on the hunt for a patio in the sun!

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Hidden talent A strange but excellent skill of making anything and everything fit inside the fridge. Including herself at one point.
Biggest fail Attempting to ride a hoverboard down her hallway, culminating in a broken wrist...
Last meal Her bodyweight in queso Bathtub of margaritas