Meet Kellie

Kellie Viola

Art Director

Kellie is what you call a practical dreamer. She balances her love of bold, exciting visuals with a sensible, strategic approach. With over 10 years of marketing and advertising experience, she knows how to think ahead of the problem that’s in front of her to solve for the bigger picture. Her optimism and love of all things clever means each project that passes her way is impactful, memorable and well-crafted.

Outside of work, Kellie is always in search of a good time – something she credits back to her Louisiana roots. Whether that’s booking a fun trip, checking out a new dinner spot, having board game nights with friends, attending a live show or hot gluing a costume together… she’s always looking for an excuse to have fun!

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Guilty Pleasure Pop music
Unpopular Opinion Bacon is overrated
First Concert Backstreet Boys