Meet Tom

Tom Hägglöf

Associate Creative Director

Tom wants to bring your brand to life with the right words for the right idea. At a time when people are reading less and less, he’s a firm believer in ‘less is more’ and always strives to make every word count.

Having grown up in Sweden and spent his adult life in the states, Tom has his feet planted firmly on both sides of the Atlantic. Seeing ads as a kid he’d always say: ‘Even I could do better’ and he’s been trying to prove it ever since. He spent the early years of his career honing his skills in New York City’s agency world and holds a degree in communications from Boston University.

When asked about his favorite things, Tom is quick to name his cat Slinky and dog Freyja, public speaking, gardening, fermenting things, and talking about Formula One until people begin to back away slowly.

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Unpopular opinion All melon is overrated and basically a vegetable
Guilty pleasure Getting up early just to do nothing
Favorite smell Cedar wood chips on a hot summer day