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Beautiful Bevs: Tequila!

We have a new neighbor. Her name is Adelitas and she has amazing margaritas. While sipping on my skinny marg (fresh lime juice / agave / tequila) the other night I couldn’t stop staring at the beautiful display of tequila bottles. Which, of course, sparked the web search for the most creatively designed tequila bottles.

Lucky for you, I’ve compiled them into this blog post for your pleasure.

Tequila bottle design is all the rage these days. Well, I suppose any liquor is. On that note, this is the first of our new segment – Beautiful Bottles – in which we will be compiling our favorite liquor bottles in their respective categories. Once we run out of liquor categories, don’t worry, we’ll move onto other bottled items.

I present to you our collection of the best designed tequila bottles!

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