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With so many clients increasing their investment in video production, AOR is following suit. With a knowledgeable and dedicated video team, AOR is now able to offer a full suite of video capabilities: cinematic video, motion graphics, and live-action video. Not sure where to start with video? Below are some great examples of how to strategically use video to promote your business.



Testimonial videos are great for nurturing a human element within your company. Adding testimonials to your site or promoting them on social media can be a great way to gain customers’ trust.


Event Footage

Capturing the success of an event can impact future sponsors, attendees, and speakers. Creating promotional or educational videos and webinars based around the event content is another great way to extend the impact and investment of your event.

At the City of Denver’s Electric Vehicle event this year, AOR was able to capture candid reactions of test drivers, highlight the growth and attendance of the event, and drive further interactive experience with the campaign.



Case Studies

Case Studies are a great way to showcase how your product impacts others, and they can highlight how your process is different from the competition. Slack’s case study video incorporates an informative script with humor and eye-catching motion graphics:




Interviews are an excellent way to promote educational aspects of your company and to harbor emotional and personal interest within your audience.


Explainer/Tutorial Videos

Video demonstrations add a strong visual component to product awareness and allow customers to better understand their investment, thereby creating more satisfied customers. Tutorial videos can be as simple as screen recordings that take viewers through steps in a process, or they might be more text based and include animated gifs to illustrate key points.    


Onboarding and Company Culture Videos

Company culture is growing in importance for potential employees, and companies can use these videos to attract the best candidates. Onboarding, job postings, and company processes can be turned into videos to better capture the atmosphere and character of a company. This video from Twitter is an excellent execution of an onboarding video with a sense of humor:


Social Media Libraries

It takes effort to stay on top of social media. By creating a well-rounded social media library for organic and paid growth, content stays relevant, consistent, and constant.

With video taking the Internet by storm, it’s time to start thinking about how it can positively impact and promote your company. And we’re here to help.


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