Brand Rx: A Good Dose of Strong Messaging


Read Time: 1 Min

Quick question. If you had to write down in one sentence what your company does or who your brand is, would you be able to do it? Could you do it within one minute or even 30 seconds?

We do this exercise with quite a few of our clients during Discovery Sessions and the results are often quite telling. Truth is, no matter what your company does, how long you’ve worked there, it’s pretty hard to sum it all up in one sentence. Give it a try and see what you come up with. Better yet have a couple of your colleagues try it out and see how different the answers are.

Get everyone on the same brand page.

Brand messagingWhat makes the exercise easier is having a strong brand voice in place. For some organizations that means establishing a powerful mission and vision statement. Others need a new tagline to stand apart in the marketplace. The AOR team has a proven process for evaluating various brand elements and creating a powerful messaging platform. Once that platform is in place, it can inspire everything from web content and social media posts to unexpected details like a lapel pin we designed for The Crawford Hotel. Check out our services and see just how AOR can help establish a healthy brand voice.


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