Five Questions to Ask a Digital Marketing Agency


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So, you’ve realized you need to hire a digital marketing agency. Before you hire anyone, you have to think about what you want your marketing team to achieve for your company. The process of finding a digital marketing agency is about doing what’s best for you, and every agency should make you feel that way. As you’re trying to find the digital marketing agency for you and your business, you may want to consider asking an agency these questions:


1. What is Your Process and Strategy?

Every digital marketing agency has its own way of doing things, and you should definitely ask about it. You’ll want to make sure that the agency’s process matches your own needs and timeline. Additionally, ask them about their strategies and how they intend to accomplish all of your marketing goals. What is it about their specific strategy that makes their company stand out?


2. What Kind of Results Should I Expect to See?

When you’re hiring a digital marketing agency, you should be confident about their capabilities.

Ask them for the kind of results your company is expected to see. You should also ask about how the agency measures these results. Think about what success means for your company. What is your ultimate goal? Define the results that you want to see from the digital marketing agency. Success can mean: measuring site traffic, number of sales, subscribers, KPIs or anything else.

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3. Does Your Digital Marketing Agency Have a Specialty?

This may seem obvious, but you should ask every agency you interview about what type of marketing they specialize in. Do they focus on face-to-face marketing, or are they more social media experts? If your main goal is to work on making your website more marketable, then you will want to make sure that your marketing agency has experience with website development. You won’t want to go with a marketing agency focused on social media when you’re looking for someone to design your website.


4. Who Were Their Past Clients?

One thing you should always ask the agencies you interview about is who their past clients were. Are these credible clients? Can you trust this digital marketing agency? Then, ask to see a portfolio. You’ll want to see their previous work and successes before fully trusting them with all of your company’s marketing needs.


5. What are their Terms and Policies?

Another big question you should ask every agency is what their terms and policies are.

Make sure you fully understand what kinds of contract options they offer before signing anything with them. Most importantly, their commitment needs to work with your schedule, but their main policies need to work for your company too.

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