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On September 29 I headed out to Bellevue, Washington, where this year’s Adobe Video World conference was held. The conference is geared towards Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects users, allowing it to benefit designers and developers ranging from editors to motion graphics creators. The conference is largely tutorial-based for intermediate and advanced users, but weaves in broad topic presentations to help and inspire attendees creatively as well as from a business standpoint.


One of the primary takeaways from the conference was the exponential impact that video media is having on the digital world. A speaker from Adobe reported that video is expected to take over 75% of all Internet traffic by 2019, and by 2020 80% of the world’s mobile traffic will be video. One implication of this is that video technology is increasing by leaps and bounds. Last year, Adobe released Character Animator, a software that allows users to create characters in Illustrator or Photoshop and animate them by mimicking their movements and expressions via a webcam and microphone. The Simpson’s took advantage of the software in May of 2016, creating the first ever live animated segment on television, and leading the charge into a space where animation might become both high quality and relatively quick to execute – something animation has always struggled with.


Outside of the strictly technological realm, keynote speaker Chris Do communicated the importance of respectful and positive client and agency relationships. CEO and Creative Strategist of the design and production company Blind, Chris has built his success on incredibly inspired work, but just as strongly on the approach he takes when working with clients. His mantra, which he genuinely embodies, is one of an open, trusting and collaborative partnership. This energetic and involved approach requires equal participation of all parties, and results in the most impactful, passionate work possible.


The inspiring core of the conference, paired with endlessly valuable tidbits of technical knowledge and a few lucky days of Washington sunshine, acted as a refreshing reminder of the potential we have in an ever-evolving technical space to create things that people see and connect with, and to push the boundaries in the rapidly evolving world of video.


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