Developing a name, brand, and website to help a new Cherry Creek fixture rise above the rest.

Schnitzer West

Naming, Messaging, Branding & Website Development

Developing An Icon

Nobody develops stand-out real estate like our partners at Schnitzer West. When they came to us with plans for a new mixed-use office space in Denver’s Cherry Creek neighborhood with a 99-year lease that needed a name, brand, and website, we knew we had the opportunity to not just make something great, but to also have a lasting impact on our city.

Hosting retail and dining on the ground floor as well as luxury office space above, the building is going to be an unofficial entryway to the neighborhood and had to have a name and brand capable of setting it apart from the myriad of lookalike luxury already crowding Cherry Creek.

An Excursion For Immersion

As ever, a shared vision is key to a successful real estate brand. Our team dove into the architects’ plans, got a feel for layout and interiors, and toured past Schnitzer West projects to get a first-hand look at the unique touch they bring to their developments.

Can I Get Your Name And Number?

After being fully immersed in the project’s potential, we needed a name. Inspired by buildings that draw on the cache of their location, such as 56 Leonard or Park Avenue Plaza, we wanted the name to infuse prestige into each pane of glass and every slab of marble. We then worked that confidence and exclusivity into a messaging platform — the brand was coming alive.

The Unconventional Made Two-Dimensional

The final step in the branding process was giving the building a visual identity. With such unique architecture and eye-catching details, we decided to use the look of the building itself to guide the development of logo, colors, styles, and more. The final brand guide is a true reflection of the high-quality materials and gleaming copper that make this building one-of-a-kind.


Let’s Go Digital

With the name and brand in place, the next step was translating it all into the digital space. Using one of our customizable property themes we offer real estate clients, we dialed in the colors, patterns, and type from the brand. We then added a neighborhood map, floor plan information, and a form for people to submit interest in the building. The final result is a beautiful digital representation of the building for people to visit and Schnitzer West to use as a tool to share its story — all before the first brick has been laid.


Cementing A Place In Cherry Creek

Iconic. Elegant. Exclusive. Unmissable. These were words we heard in our very first conversation with Schnitzer West when they described their vision for the development. Today, they’re words used to describe the building’s brand. Establishing a sense of place and promising an experience like no other, 201 Fillmore is now just waiting for construction to complete and tenants to enter.

201 Fillmore signage and lapel pin