Avnet Path Prototype Game Board: Transforming Ideas into Reality


Path to Prototype Game Board


As well as being one of the world’s largest distributors of electronic components and embedded solutions, Avnet also provides resources to tinkerers, inventors, hobbyists, creators, and makers looking to launch technology’s next big wonder.


The maker division within Avnet came to AOR to help them develop a fun and engaging way to reach this unique audience and provide them with the resources, tools, and education needed to begin the journey of taking a hardware product from idea to prototype.


AOR worked with Avnet to first define the information and content that should be included within this piece and brainstorm on the desired format. After the “steps” of the process to take a hardware product from idea to prototype was mapped out, AOR put together various options for how this content could be displayed in an engaging “game” format.

Options varied from a puzzle format to more of a traditional game board. Avnet selected the game board format with a space theme.


After the theme and overall concept were developed, AOR used them to build out all game elements. The final Path to Prototype game includes:

  • Game board
  • Custom packaging
  • Playing cards – 4 types of cards can be selected to move throughout the game
  • Game instructions

Laid out as a board game, Path to Prototype comes with a series of cards that show the steps you’ll need to complete the game and bring your product to market. Some cards provide helpful definitions you may not be aware of, some contain a few fun factoids—and some promise a few surprises along the way.

The Outcome

Avnet first launched the game at an industry trade show where individual “makers” were able to sign up to receive the game. Since this event, over 100 games have been sent out to prospects who are following the game to develop their initial prototypes.

A second phase of the game will be developed in the future to map out the process of taking a product from a prototype to a finalized product.