Conference Signage


GoSpotCheck is a growing Denver-based software company that provides its customers with advanced tools for tracking field team activity. GoSpotCheck hosted Field Days 2017–the company’s second annual customer summit. The summit provided current and potential customers with best practices on using the software, innovative use cases, and more.

Since this was the second annual customer summit, GoSpotCheck wanted to elevate the branding and visual impact of the conference. The conference was hosted in a historic Denver hotel, so the visuals for the event had to meld the modern and clean GoSpotCheck brand with the ornate, historical feel of the hotel.


AOR started with three overarching style tiles for the client to choose from. Each of these style tiles presented ideas around bringing the conference brand to life through various signs, stage graphics, and giveaways. The style tiles were great at showcasing how the conference could come to life in three distinct ways.

Example Style Tile

styling mockups of conference look and feel


After a style tile was selected, AOR used this direction to build out all of the necessary deliverables, providing recommendations for signage layout, materials, and locations based on the conference area. Final deliverables included:

  • Stage signage
  • Wayfinding signage
  • Breakout room signage
  • Archway/Entryway signage
  • Registration signage

In addition to the design of all the graphics, AOR managed the production and installation, ensuring all deliverables were installed and ready to go prior to guests arriving at Field Days 2017.


GoSpotCheck received a striking yet simple style for the event. The design easily complemented the historic character of the hotel and was able to be used at other venues throughout the event. The employee summit was a great success and GoSpotCheck was thrilled with its visual impact.