Organizing and refining how audiences are reached.

Mile High Flood District

Education and
Outreach Program

The Challenge

Buoy a vital education and outreach program

Our partners at Mile High Flood District approached AOR with a request to guide the creation of a thorough plan for their education and outreach efforts. Knowing how important Mile High Flood District is to the health and safety of Denver and everyone in it, we jumped at the chance to help them spread their knowledge.

The Approach

Assess and collaborate

This was the first project of this kind that we had taken on and chose to plan and conduct an extremely thorough discovery session with our team and members of Mile High Flood District. Coming out of that session, it was clear that we needed to take a broader look at the objectives of the guide to decide overall goals, target audiences, and available resources before anything could be created.

After the discovery session, we built a survey to ascertain the organization’s audiences and their individual needs. The survey results gave us the foundation to create an interactive virtual working session with breakout rooms. Each room focused on one audience and allowed us to deepen the information and insights in the guide.





The Outcome

A clear plan of action

All that teamwork and collaboration led to a substantial guide that served as a ‘true north’ for all education and outreach efforts taken on by Mile High Flood District. The guide details their audiences, values, success criteria, and resources to reach success.

Finally, the guide was used to create a strategic media plan with both paid and organic PR tactics. Going forward, Mile High Flood District now has a reliable source to refer to when deciding which education and outreach efforts to undertake and how best to go about it.