Assisting a renowned hospitality group encourage their leadership team through engaging event branding.

Sage Hospitality

Leadership Festival Event Branding


Energize, Engage, Encourage

Every year, Sage Hospitality hosts a leadership conference to energize hearts, engage minds, and encourage success. Following the biggest years of COVID-19, Sage wanted to develop a brand for the event that would inspire and motivate while avoiding tone-deaf reflections about the ongoing challenges as a result of the pandemic. They approached AOR ready to work closely together and make their vision a reality.

Moving Forward

It starts with inspiration…
This project was a true collaboration between Sage and AOR. Sage provided the project brief and onboarded our creative team, even coming ready with visual inspiration which allowed us to get that much closer to the right direction, quickly.

Forward event

…continues with brainpower…

And quick it was. We went right to work on building what AOR calls ‘Vision Concepts’ and provided them with several options for the visual direction. Ultimately they chose this vibrant, neon, and simple design which embraces forward momentum. Its various pattern options and hard-to-miss impactful visuals encompass the energy and excitement Sage was going for.

…and ends one step forward.

Once the direction was selected we built out designs for their agenda, PowerPoint slides, wayfinding signage, and video intro and outro animations to introduce speakers on-screen. The branding flowed naturally throughout the entire event and did exactly what it set out to do — excite leaders, engage people in conversation, and encourage success.


Logo Animation Screen

Walk-on Animation Screen


No Steps Backwards

Because of our close collaboration and the passion behind this design, Sage Hospitality was thrilled with the visual direction and thought behind this year’s event branding. Even more exciting, AOR had the opportunity to attend the leadership conference and see our work in the wild.

Sage Leadership Festival ATX 23 logo

Forward leadership tshirt mockup design

Wayfinding for Forward leadrship event