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man drinking draft beer

The Best Beer Ad You’ll See This Year

On a daily basis, I’m confounded by the low quality of most beer ads…and yet, it’s those ads that make this gem stand out.

flavor wave oven ad

Celebrity Endorsements gone wrong.

Celebrity product endorsement is an accepted part of advertising these days. There are good ones of course (see: the always-incredible Betty White and Abe Vigoda and their Snickers spot) …and then… Read more »

two women in an ad

Is Axe breaking up with frat boys?

After years of ads touting body spray as the single element that drives all women to lose their minds (and subsequently rip off men’s clothing to a soundtrack of bow-chicka-wow-wow), Axe may be growing up.

Things We Love Today: Hand Drawn Type

Ever since I can remember I have observed and marveled at beautiful hand-drawn type. As a kid, my uncle made hand-made signs using beautiful typography and my mom’s signature was… Read more »

three men holding up illustrations

The writer’s challenge.

Do what you love every day, and it won’t feel like work… Yep, we’ve all heard those words before. Yet, one of the biggest challenges we in the creative professions… Read more »

elena kicking soccer ball

Meet the AOR Soccer Rockers

As some of you may know, many of us at AOR are big soccer fans. Not only are we soccer fans but we are soccer players too! And so, the… Read more »

The Zombie Survival Machine

Zombie Marketing

Anyone who knows me well, knows I love just about anything dark, spooky, or scary. I’m also crazy about good advertising and marketing. So, natch, I was thrilled to stumble… Read more »

man teaching outdoor clinic

The Rugged AORians

SO, what did we AORians learn during our Wilderness Survival Skills Course, led by our friends at the Cottonwood Institute? Well first off, after kicking and screaming and whining that… Read more »

kickstarter logo

Crowd Funding: Creativity Unconstrained

Let’s say you have a dream to create something: a book, a piece of art, an album, or some cool piece of new technology. The Internet has always been great for distributing these new ideas, but it has always required a concerted marketing effort to actually get a significant amount of reach, no matter how revolutionary your idea might have been. And, even with all that reach, good luck finding enough people willing to fund your project. But that’s all changing.

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