Five Digital Marketing Trends to Win Business


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Marketing is constantly changing. And nowhere is this more clear than in digital marketing. The social media landscape has changed so much in just the past year, it’s only natural that the marketing landscape has changed with it. But as things are changing, you might be wondering: what comes next and how do I keep up? We are always looking for new digital marketing trends and here’s what we’ve noticed.



Video is becoming one of the most important digital marketing trends for 2017. Don’t believe us? Check out these statistics:

  • 51% of consumers admit to making a purchasing decision after watching a video
  • 68% of consumers prefer explainer videos to text
  • Video will soon represent 74% of all internet traffic
  • Video posts on Facebook have a 135% greater reach than photo posts

If video isn’t a part of your digital marketing strategy already, you should definitely start thinking about it.


Artificial Intelligence (AI)

While AI seems impersonal, when used correctly it can be anything but. It’s predicted that Artificial Intelligence will take the guesswork out of marketing. That means you’ll be able to  target your potential consumers with things that they actually care about. AI is a comparatively new phenomenon, so we’ll have to wait and see exactly how it plays out. But as it stands, it’s set to make a real difference in the way that we do things in the future.


Social Influencers

Of course, even with the rise of AI, we can’t forget about real people. The benefit of social influencers is the fact that they already have an audience that is interested in the same things that they are. So if they’re interested in promoting your product, their audience will be interested in buying it. Social media has made influencers more powerful than ever. Take advantage of that power.



Today’s consumer wants everything to be on the go. In fact it has been proven that 78% of local-mobile searches lead to offline purchases. If your company has an app, it makes things much easier for the consumers who would prefer to buy your product on mobile, it opens you up to a wider audience. If your company has a product to sell, you should be taking advantage of mobile apps to reach that market.


Subtle Marketing

Gone are the days where you could just put out a commercial and be done with it. In fact, in digital marketing, it can actually hurt your cause. Studies show that Americans hate social media promotions, and they’ll balk at anything that’s too obviously sales-y. That’s why recent digital marketing trends are all about putting the power in the hands of the consumer and subtly marketing to them so that they don’t feel bombarded. All of your digital media strategies should be based on this idea.


Want to take advantage of digital marketing trends?

So, now that you know the future of digital marketing…where do you start today? Our services let you take advantage of these trends with ease. We offer many digital marketing and video solutions. If you’re ready to get started, drop us a line today.


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