Generating 71M+ impressions through digital tactics and business makeovers


'Make It Happen' Campaign


Bringing in Awareness While Giving Out Support

AlphaGraphics is dedicated to supplying businesses with printing, signage, collateral, and more to help get them noticed. But now it was time for the brand to bring that result to themselves, so they approached AOR for guidance and support to create a marketing strategy and campaign. The ultimate goal was to increase the awareness of their brand and services, but we were challenged to do so in a way that tied in with the small businesses and communities that AlphaGraphics services.

Make It Happen Window Decal

Good Things Marketing Comes in Threes

We delved into AlphaGraphics’ goals, resources, and values through an in-depth Discovery session. A road map was developed and the ‘Make It Happen’ campaign was born. Together, we decided to run a continuous digital campaign with three distinct phases that would work together to ensure we reached success — an awareness phase, three $25,000 business makeover giveaways, and finally a digital campaign telling the stories of each winner.

Phase 1

Remember The Name

We started with the basics. Relying on finely-tuned targeting, we created a suite of digital collateral that reminded past customers of the quality AlphaGraphics delivers and made potential new audiences aware of their name and available services.

Phase 2

Make A Promise No One Can Resist

Now that target audiences were used to seeing the ‘AlphaGraphics’ name and knew of the services they provided, business owners were invited to apply to win a $25,000 business makeover. Three, pandemic-surviving and community-oriented businesses that had been around for at least 20 years and were ready for a brand refresh were chosen as winners by AlphaGraphics.

… And Then Deliver On That Promise

For each of the winners, we didn’t just develop a new brand, collateral, and marketing, we recreated their physical presence too — truly making the ‘makeover’ happen. What started as a single awareness campaign quickly became multiple branding campaigns as well.

Tio Chilo’s

Reinvigorating a restaurant that sustained its community throughout the pandemic.

Dance Workshop

Putting some pep in the step of a studio dedicated to raising money for and enriching the lives of children.

Pleasant Air

Breathing new life into a service that keeps their hometown comfortable.

phone mockup with make it happen digital ad

Phase 3

Content. Content.
And More… Content!

We unveiled the three makeovers one at a time — each with their own event. The makeover process, the event, and the unveiling were all captured and turned into content, with the help of our production partners at Flying Giant, which we then used to create more ads to further drive home the message that AlphaGraphics makes it happen!


We Did, In Fact, Make It Happen

More awareness. More website visits. And most importantly, more sales!

The full campaign ran for a little over a year and generated enormous success for our client AlphaGraphics as well as the three winners of their makeover giveaway. We are so proud of the collaboration, time, and effort everyone involved put into this enormous campaign and feel fulfilled knowing we helped three small businesses as they continue to help their communities.


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