2017 AOR Global Adventures


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In 2017, not only did we celebrate our 25th year in business, but many members of our team were able to experience new corners of the world. See how a few AORians chose to unplug, recharge, and find inspiration away from the office.


Kelsey’s Portuguese and Moroccan Honeymoon

In August, my husband and I went on our honeymoon to Portugal and Morocco. We started the trip with a week in Portugal visiting gorgeous beaches, eating lots of seafood, drinking lots of vinho verde, and exploring castles in Sintra and Alfama.

If you ever head to Portugal, make sure you go to Pastéis de Belém for the most amazing pastry. I was happy to wave my wedding diet goodbye and indulge in these…daily. We may have been without luggage for the first two days, but even that could not stop us from having an amazing start to our honeymoon!

Next stop was Morocco. In Marrakesh we rode camels, got lost in the souks (numerous times), took a traditional cooking class, and enjoyed relaxing at the world-famous La Mamounia pool. Temperatures reached 110 degrees! Be careful of the snake charmers in the night market and grab a seat at stall #14 in the medina for some delicious fresh seafood and great people watching.

While spending some time in the new French town of Gueliz, we were truly captivated by the old walled city, where you can find hidden gems around every corner, such as the Saadian tombs pictured below. I still dream of the delicious mint tea and will be back someday for more.

Get to know our Digital Project Manager, Kelsey Mast.

French town of Gueliz, Saadian Tombs


Matt’s Trek to Meet Gorillas

After all my years of traveling and exploring the world, nothing has compared to my African adventure last year. The five-day trek led us into the Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda, Uganda, and the Congo to find families of gorillas. The highlight was seeing this 49-year-old silverback up close and frolicking with the babies in the trees.

Get to know our President, Matthew Keeney.

Gorilla at Volcanoes National Park

Baby gorilla in Volcanoes National Park


Liz’s First Colorado Camping Trip

Like many Coloradans, I’m a transplant who fell in love with the beauty of Colorado’s great outdoors but hadn’t yet explored it since moving here five years ago. So last year, when my boyfriend Chad learned that I’d never gone camping, he immediately insisted on packing up the tent, me, and my dog Shadow, and hitting the road to set up camp in Pikes National Forest.

Shadow and I got our fill of campfire memories complete with daytime hikes, gorgeous sunsets, and unrivaled starlit nights. We even made a stop at the infamous Bucksnort Saloon on the way back! The wonderful thing about Denver living is that you don’t have to venture far from city life to have an adventure.

Get to know our Executive Assistant, Liz DeLuna.

Camping in Pikes National Forest


Madison’s Sand Dune Adventure

My bucket list consists of many places to travel, near and far. This past year, I was able to check one off of my list by heading to the Great National Sand Dunes in southern Colorado. I traveled with a friend over Thanksgiving and stayed in some of the most unique Airbnbs a girl could ask for.

The towering dunes brought a rush of energy and excitement through my body as we climbed to what we thought was the highest peak. Little did we know the dunes continued on, farther than the eye can see. Watching the sunset over the valley as the dunes lit up before us was unforgettable. The beautiful places Colorado has to offer will never get old, and there are so many more I am ready to knock out in 2018.

Get to know Jr. Production Designer, Madison Davell.

National Sand Dunes Park in Colorado


Beyond these amazing trips, AORians traveled to Spain, Germany, Italy, Austria, Belize, Panama, and so many more. Finding inspiration through travel helps fuel our team’s passion for each of our clients. Find out where our inspiration takes us by exploring our latest projects and seeing what we can offer your brand.

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