Developing an enticing and elevated brand for a new Schnitzer West Development

Schnitzer West

The Avant: Brand Identity


Creating A Strong Foundation For A New High Rise

Our partners at Schnitzer West came to us as they were planning a new multi-family project adjacent to Denver’s Fiddler’s Green. Our goal was to develop a name, brand, and messaging platform that would help anchor the building in audiences’ minds and get them interested in leasing the spectacularly located and designed apartments.

A Shared Vision & Single Mission

This project was full of opportunity, not least of which because Schnitzer West brought all stakeholders together early enough in the process for our team to fully embrace the placemaking process.

Our half-day discovery session saturated us with audience insights, interior design plans, market landscape information and more. By the end of it, we all had the same shared vision.


It All Starts With A Name. Literally.

Naming was the first cornerstone to be created. The name had to feel elegant, genuine, and classic to match the vision for the development. But it also needed to be easy to say, memorable, and communicate what people could come to expect. A few hundred ideas later and we had it: The Avant, a name evoking its upscale nature and the upward trajectory of its future residents.

A Full Brand Is Constructed

Next, we developed audience personas and a full messaging platform, creating a permanent anchor point for every possible communication that could be needed for The Avant.

With the name and messaging set, our team used it as inspiration for the development of the visual brand. The new logo, colors, and matching brand guide were developed alongside the vision book from architects and designers to create a single, strong, long-lasting brand.


The Avant Rises Up. Before Ground Has Even Been Broken.

Thanks to our combined efforts with Davis Partnership Architects and PCL, the placemaking process made it possible for us to finalize the entirety of the brand before construction could even begin. With a comprehensive vision and brand book, Schnitzer West has everything they need to help potential residents see themselves living the high life at the Avant.