Giving audiences a (literal) hand in understanding a complex technical offering.


Creative Concepting & Video Creation


Suppressing Sticker Shock and Translating The Technical

TD SYNNEX is an IT Solutions distributor providing services across the country. They came to us with a product and a problem, at first glance their ‘Expert Care’ product seemed incredibly expensive to audiences. TD SYNNEX needed their target to understand the vast amount of support, services, and peace-of-mind that Expert Care could offer them to ensure that the price point wasn’t going to scare anyone off.


outline drawing of sad man on the phone

drawing of a glove with each finger labeled

Putting Our Finger On The Issue

After a Discovery session with our clients, one thing became very clear: the price of Expert Care wasn’t the main problem. Instead, the main hurdle to overcome was that the majority of their audience didn’t have the technical literacy to fully grasp what Expert Care could bring to the table and what a white glove service it truly was.

A Solution That Fits Like… Well, A Glove

So the question became how do we translate deeply technical information into a digestible and understandable format that will keep audiences hooked? We lean into the number one thing that Expert Care is: helpful, and create a video series featuring a literal white glove to help our office hero save the day.

TD SYNNEX IBM Video Storyboard

A Glove With Dexterity

Each video in the series highlighted a different aspect of Expert Care, breaking the topic into bite-sized chunks. Audiences saw how the glove was created, how it could save the day in a myriad of ways, and how it could even grow extra fingers when the going got tough. In the end, our clients had easy-to-understand videos rather than technical handbooks to help their potential customers understand the value of Expert Care.

drawing of a guy smiling as a floating glove clicks a keyboard

Gloved High-Fives

In the end, customers were wrapped around our (gloved) fingers. The videos not only helped TD SYNNEX sales staff explain the value of their services, they also helped raise awareness through TD SYNNEX’s social and YouTube pages.