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Web Developer

Michael has a passion for developing WordPress websites in new, creative ways, while focusing on efficient workflows and bringing websites to life through animation.


Originally from Buffalo, NY, Michael has a lifelong interest in technology. He’s gained his knowledge from freelance work, agency experience, and his time at a fully immersive web development program in Boulder. He brings back- and front-end knowledge, as well as problem-solving skills to help tackle new problems every day. He holds a B.S. in Business Administration, an A.S. in Information Technology, and a certificate from a Full-Stack Technical Bootcamp.


  • Developing in PHP, Javascript, SCSS, WordPress
  • Launching Websites, Domain/Hosting Management
  • Virtual Reality Master

Favorite Things

His dog Louie, disc golf, VR games (specifically Beat Saber), working out, games with a paddle - ping pong, tennis, pickleball, kayaking, and exploring Colorado’s National Parks.

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