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Russ Chee

Marketing Strategist

Russ's determination to find causation between variables has led to a fulfilled career as a Marketing Strategist. The ability to use data to prove that ideas can work is valuable because numbers have no agenda. When Russ combines his information hoarding habits with his need to find out why things are connected, he usually starts to uncover hidden challenges and unique opportunities.


Russ is originally from the Navajo Nation in NM but moved to Colorado in 2007 to get two B.A degrees in Marketing and Tourism from Fort Lewis College in Durango. He followed that up by pursuing an MBA from Colorado State University in Fort Collins. He also has a deep interest in data science and is studying business intelligence. He got his start in this industry by working for Comcast Spotlight as an Advertising Account Executive. Since that time, he's acquired about a decade of experience in marketing, advertising and account management. Russ has helped many businesses from a variety of industries with their marketing needs. These industries include government, higher education, event marketing, hospitality, legal and many more.


  • Developing strategic recommendations
  • Conceptualizing relevant data
  • Beatboxing

Favorite Things

Love spending time with his fiance and two dogs, Riley and Goku. Also enjoys snowboarding, mountain biking, drawing, sand casting and inlaying traditional Navajo jewelry.

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